Postcards from the past:

A message that a unknown person sends. The example is a WWII solider that sends a letter and nobody discovers it until now. First of all, there has to be some emotion to it because anyone who wrote letters gave a lot of thought and put some type of emotion into it.

Step 1: Think of a emotional topic that you think a WWII solider (whatever your theme for an old postcard is) would say in a letter to the person they loved, a loved one, or telling someone about what is going on during war.

Step 2: Write the letter and use a lot of descriptive words in it, such as, my darling you are like a tulip that brightens up my day just thinking about your sweet scent. Use lots of details because it allows the audience to visualize a feeling (which is hard) or understand what you are trying to say.

Step 3: Find a background that looks good and would help tell your story of this unknown solider that is pouring his heart out. Visual aids help out any story and can help give life to the character you are trying to be. To help visualize the story, use a font that is not normal. Use something that you do not see every day. That will draw your audience in and make them want to read your writing.

Step 4: Put it all together into a combination of words, colors, fonts, and make your story come to life. The unknown solider is one of many things that are possible with this assignment. Every element will help your audience visualize the story that you want to tell.


Who Called:

I did this assignment a long time ago. The assignment was to record your self as your character and it had to be with another character. It has to be 2 minutes long.

Step 1: Write a script of the conversation that your character and another character are going to have. (be sassy, have fun with the words, and maybe even be dirty). The more chemistry the characters have the better.

Step 2: Once you have the script, record your voices and make sure you do not sound like a robot and be playful in the recording process because it will sound good when it has been put together.

Step 3: If you have audacity this goes a lot more smoothly. Put all of the recordings into Audacity and listen to then, if there are any noises that do not belong then get rid of them by using the cut button. If you have two separate sounds that you need to splice, highlight what you need and use the file button and go down to export selected audio. This will allow you to only use that much of what you need.


Step 4: Add in sounds, such as, a beep, that lets the audience know that someone is going to leave a message. Detail the message with sounds that someone would think belongs in a message that was recorded.

Step 5: Once you have spliced it together, listen to your recording and made sure it sounds good, you can now listen to the final product to make sure every detail has been put into place. Details are important because it gives the creator credibility and it makes for a more convincing conversation between 2 or more characters.

Ds 106 for LIFE!!!!!!!

First I am going to talk about the final case. Me, Amanda, and Sharla created a radio show because we thought it would be easier and we wanted to make fun of noir kind of. I LOVE noir now and in the last week or so things happened on campus that created a cloud on dark things so we took a completely different approach. We instead wanted to do something funny because the three of us are all about humor. I don’t think it fully generated us but it gave a small insight to what kind of comedic adventures we embark on everyday and any time we are all together. The show is about the three of us in our agency and a young lady thinks her husband is cheating on her. Like every noir film, a guy cheats on the girl, so we made a different spin, he is sneaking around to make her happy and surprise her with a great gift. We do not find out till the end that it really has nothing to do with cheating because they are madly in love and we look like the fools that chased them. It was a blast to make and we got to hang around each other one last time so it was so much fun for me at least. The reason I did not take my grade and run was because I wanted to hang out with those two ladies, they are my new friends and people I respect highly.

Noir a cheater

First, the O.L.D was an awesome idea because the three of us are kind of old but we do not feel it and I think we do not look it. Compared to the 18-22 years olds the roam the campus we are old. The whole agency thing is such a great idea and I would love to take it further.

This class has been the best thing I could have hoped for in a class, I had many downs in it at the beginning because I was not getting the whole social media thing but after awhile and a lot of going outside of my comfort zone I fell in love with this class like crazy. The people I have met, the groups I have been in, and the stories that I got to tell have been incredible and I want to keep going with it and do more as long as I can. My wife has been telling me for a long time that I needed a hobby, I think creating movies and radio shows have been so much fun, I am going to do it on my own and produce something that I like. This class has given me so many resources and talents that I never had before and never thought in my wildest dreams that I would acquire. I personally would like to thank Professor Groom for not giving up on me. I was rough at the beginning, but it slowly came along. I would like to thank all of the people in the digital center for being patient with me and not getting frustrated at the guy that could not use twitter. I have so many great memories of my short college experience and most of them came out of this class. I am a ds106’er for life. I did not know what that meant until I got to the end. I will tell my digital story for as long as someone will listen.

I created 2 assignments and 2 daily creates (more like 5 or 6, cause this class is so awesome) and Tutorials


I created 2 assignments for the assignment bank. One was creating a photo of the person that your would like to date which all you have to do is cut out pictures of magazines and put them together to look like your perfect person you would like to date. The other one was a video a message to the person you care about most or a person that you have feels for or something like that. It has to be emotional.

The unlucky Week 13

This week we created a whole movie and added in a few pictures and audio. This was a big project and I could not have done it without the help of my two friends. Amanda and Sharla are such hard workers and I could not have done any of this without them.

Week 12 was Oh so Sweet!!

This week was a lot of planning a thought provoking. I say that because we had to come up with our entire story for this project. Next week will tape everything and put it all together. The hard part is the ending because I still do not know what the final result will be, but I think about everyday trying to come up with something good. If I have to I will come up with a good story, but lame end. I would rather come up with a great story and a great end, but for some reason inspiration for this has not hit yet. I feel like their is something missing in this story, but I am not sure what it is yet. I think so far we have a great story and great creative items that will complement the story, but the end is escaping me like no other and it is kind of bothering me.

First it will start out with us recording (I LOVE VIDEO PROJECTS!!) as an agency, then will get a message saying we have a mission. We will then go on that mission and discover that nothing is as it seems while having fun doing so. We have the Night Driver story and I think that it will be good. We have been tweeting like crazy and using Google Docs to help collect our thoughts. Wow! why did I just come up with an end, lol anyway it will be fun to put video, pictures, and sound together all in one major project.

Aaron Rodgers


So my favorite athlete is you guested it, Mr. Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. I will be honest, I have been a Packer fan my whole life and I did not like him at first. In 2005, I thought he would ruin us, but he turned out to be the best thing possible. So now I love the guy and what he has done for my team. Anyone out there that says Im a bandwagon, its just cause there good, blah blah. I would tell you all kinds of things that would probably get me into trouble. The Packers sucked after 97 season, and I have endured, we had Favre, but he would throw interceptions, and he did not make it to the playoffs that much. It was not until Ted Thompson drafted Rodgers and a few others that this team took off like a rocket. Now, you say anything you want, but I will bleed green and gold till Im dead, with or with out Rodgers. He is now and he is awesome. Watch this video.

Week 11 here we go!

Me, Amanda, and Sharla are working together for our Agency and I have to say it is going well. We got together on Wednesday and worked on the idea of the Agency, we came up with a name and then went to Digital Center to figure out how we could put this whole thing together. We found out that we had to go off of one of our already created websites which was easy because they helped use put it together. Once we had our website, we played around on it and got it to the awesome level we expect. Mostly Amanda worked on the website because she is amazing at that stuff. I am thankful she is in our group because I am not good at websites.

We came up with the OnLine Detectives or O.LD for short. The O.L.D is a play on word that I came up with because I feel like we are a older group at a young university. I feel young at heart, but I know my age. Age aside, we are also online. The whole class is an online class that still allows us to meet up with each other and do projects which I then thought we could be an online agency that goes out and fights crime. Since the last project, one of the members die and 2 get arrested, I thought we could use that to continue our story. In order for us to continue our story, we came up with the idea that Amanda and Sharla’s character be reformed into agents of the law.

My favorite player in the NFL is Aaron Rodgers, he is so good that he needs his own highlight reel.

10 Stars:


Rex Ryan’s Resume



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Daily Create:

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2) http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc1183/



This is Rex,

Patrick interviewed me and he had some interesting questions that he got from his professor’s. I answered all of them to the best of my ability. It is strange to think I did not exist until the start of Ds106 back in January. This is my video, you better like it or I will take my fists and give you what you deserve.


I guess sometimes it does it and sometimes it does not.

In the Dark

This show was absolutely my favorite thing we have done in this class, I had so much fun with Kassia, Sharla, and Amanda. The three of us can create magic. We were having a good time throughout the process. The only thing that sucks was scheduling because all of us were busy all the time but we managed to get it all done.

The process was simple, we knew what it took to create a project, so we used google docs to create a great script. I do not think we followed it to the letter but the final product came out well. The problem during shooting was we did not always have the script so it was hard to follow. Luckily I knew most of the things by heart like where I wanted things, how I wanted them and what it would look like at the end.

And I just learned how to put this video up for the world to see. I just impressed myself.

Anyways, the process brought us downtown a few times, even on nice days, very cold days, we worked with what we had. I had a blast putting the whole show together.

The only painful part was uploading it. I could not figure out how to upload it to youtube, it was as simple as giving google my phone # which made me mad because I erased half the video on Sunday night trying to split the video. I learned a valuable lesson, never push “cut” because it does cut your video and do not highlight half the show then push cut. Other than that this show was incredibly rewarding, interesting and fun.