Digital Journey Week 6

This week was fun to say the least. I met some of my classmates and we all collaborated on our Radio show ideas. We even came up with an entire story. Now the hard part will be putting it all together into and amazing project. I really liked hanging out with them, I cannot wait until Wednesday when I get to meet the rest of the group.

I also commented on more than 10 peoples blogs, it takes a lot of time to comment, at least the way I was doing it until I discovered that if you go to the Ds106 web page and picked Ds 106ers it makes it a lot easier. I was commenting like crazy once I figured out how to use it properly.  It is funny how I did not know what I was doing, then I discovered how to do something. It finally became easy once I knew what I was doing.

I created 10 stars of Audio assignments also. I had a slight problem with Audacity this week. So for some reason the program would not let me record anything at all. So I watched a bunch of Youtube videos to figure out the problem, it turned out to be simple, but I took a long time to figure out my simple problem.

The radio show listening along was so much fun, I think they need to do that again. I think the snow helped because everyone had no where to go so it made it interesting when a large group of people were listening to the show. I had a blast and the story was great. I cannot believe how much fun I had listening to a radio show. The show also taught me how to use twitter because I was using it so much that it was like practice.

All and all, it made for a great week in DS106, I even saw Groom at the digital center. Nothing could have kept me from meeting the people in my group and it was so worth it to go out in the snow.

Radio Show week 1

On Tuesday, a flurry of tweeting happened. To get in our group I had to tweet on the #ds106 and #noir106 to see if I could find people that wanted to collaborate with me. I needed to be in a group, so I had to find a few people that wanted to get together. Eventually 5 other people wanted to be in a group. We tweeted many times trying to make sure all of us were together. Once we figured out who was in the group, we had to come up with ideas on our name and theme. We came up with “Eagles in the Dark” and the theme was America’s most wanted.  Then we wanted to meet each other, so we choose Saturday while it was snowing.

Even the snow could not stop us from getting work done. We went over to the new Tech building and started putting our show together. First, we talked about each character and how they could relate to our story. It worked out that all of the characters fit perfectly. We created our story and had fun doing it. We went over what commercials we should do and why, then we talked about our bumpers, then the end of the story. Overall we put together a very interesting story to say the least.

Photo Blitz

I went to a winery in Fredericksburg, they were having Casino night, but we did not actually go to that. We did however spend five hours at the winery with my wife’s family. I walked around and took some good photo’s of some cool things in my opinion. I had fun doing it also. I feel I should have done more of this but I never get out much and this was my opportunity to get out.


I saw this outside and it had a design to it that I loved.





I saw this and it reminded me of James Bond, so I love James Bond and I had to take a picture of it.


This had a lot of proportion in it. It is the same on one side as it is the other.


This to me was dominance. I love the color and the design, it fit perfectly in where they had placed it. I like the brick in the back ground and it matches the wall on the right hand side.

I saw this shoe and it screamed out, take a picture of me, I think it is eloquent

I saw this window and I could not help but look out of it to find a warm world, even when it was so cold out.

Digital Journey week 5

This week started strong, I read all about design and because of that I took a few photo’s that I really liked. I was going all around a winery that my wife took me to and taking pictures. I may have looked weird doing it but I was having fun doing it. I never looked at design the way I do now, I feel like it has given me a new look on life in a way. The creation of Jim Groom into Obi Wan had to be the funniest thing I have done in this class by far. I found pictures to help me, quotes, and put them all together to make an interesting picture. The daily creates were fun. putting projects together to make the stars was fun also. This week was more fun then work. Normally I am trying to do something and it feels more like work then fun, but this week was the complete opposite. I also watched the movie double Indemnity to get an idea of Los Angeles and how it looked.

In a Far Far Galaxy



I looked up pictures of Jim Groom from UMW to find a face of Jim Groom. Then I looked up Star Wars characters that would best fit Jim Groom. The closest thing I could find was Obi Wan Kenobi. Once I had the pictures, I had to put them together, well I didn’t know how to do that, so I asked my beautiful wife who is an Art Major from UMW. She did know how to do it and so I asked her to teach me how to do this stuff.




Then I had to find a quote. I looked up Obi Wan quotes (the old Obi Wan) and found “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” so instead of “these aren’t the droids” I put “This is not the Groom.”

“This is not the Groom you’re looking for”

I had to make sure the color fit into the picture, so I choose blue for the words. I do believe the final product came out very well. I am very happy with it.


The city where Angeles come from

In the movie Double Indemnity, the setting in Los Angeles was great with what looked like a concert in the back ground when they were on the hollywood sign. The cars are much different than what we have today. The people at the grocery store could not even reach the top shelf. The isles in the grocery store were very small. The apartment and telephone had a ringer, all of which could be know if someone rang it by sticking a piece of paper into.



WOW! I really liked that design book. I like when it said you have a responsibility to yourself, the client, and the people that would be seeing the design. Design should be eloquent, timeless, and not sloppy. I honestly did not realize how design was so symmetrical. They put squares on top of a design just to make it flow, but you never see the squares in the final product. I thought it was interesting how white space was used and they someone can make a picture look better using white space. I don’t think I will be able to look at anything the same any more after reading this. I will be looking for the look of something and how it was created. #vignelli

Radio Ideas

For the ds 106 radio, I have a different perspective every week. One week could be from the bad guy, another be from the women in distress, and then from the tough guy.

Digtal Journey Week 4

This week was all about sound and how to make it online. I downloaded a lot of different sounds. I read a lot about creating a sound and how to use it to make magic. I created a bumper for the Ds 106 Radio.  I wrote about holly wood and how sound has changed over the last 70+ years.  I watch the movie Touch of Evil opening which was really good. I created so many sounds this week and I could not believe that I had that ability to do that at all.  The funniest thing all week was the #ds106radio. I loved listening to the radio and hearing the story with the announcer. I felt like I went back in time. I even gave an idea to the radio station. The daily creates were fun this week also. #Noir106 #ds106