The End of Week 9

So we started our group project for the video show, we came up with the script, and shoot a few things. This was a little more detailed than our radio show but since we had that experience it helped us make things go faster. We started out by finding who would be in the group, then we found out that it would be the four of us this time. Me, Kassia, Amanda, and Sharla. Once we had our group we quickly figured out a script that would fit out group and our characters. It took a few hours to come up with the idea, but we put our heads together and went back and forth with ideas until it hit us.

This week we had the radio show live on DS106 radio in which I was not a part of because I had work but everyone seemed to like it. I did how ever tweet along on Tuesday and listened to “Get a Clue” which was really good. the tweet along is always fun, the sounds, the people, and show all at the same time.

This week has been about the video, I read “How to read a Movie” and watched 3 short stories on scenes, ways to do camera angels and cinematic techniques, and Kubrick prospective. All of which taught me different things about film and how to make a good show using those techniques.

I had to watch a movie and use my critic lens to see what was interesting about a scene.

I had to record a 30-60 second trailer of my show which was fun.

Daily Creates:

Reading Movies

I read Rodger Ebert’s “How to read a Movie” and it was interesting how he would stop the scene and look at where the characters were as far as their possession relative to where another person was in that scene. The way that a film critic looks at a movie is much different than I thought they would. He would spend hours with college students and ask questions about if a scene was using french, he would ask the french major to translate.

Kubrick’s One point perspective was profound because every scene had some element of cemetery involved it it, which its visually appealing ┬áto the audience. There were a lot of colors, there were a lot of unique visuals in the background. The whole thing from different movies had some similarity to them.

I watched Examples of editing techniques which showed different ways to use the camera. That was useful for our latest project because you don’t want to keep using the same techniques over and over again. I would think that you could lose your audience that way.

I watched the Top 20 cinematic techniques which I did not realize that a lot of great movies came up with their own unique camera technique. Now I hope we can imitate their techniques so that our show is not boring for the audience.

All of these show what to do with a camera and how to use it effectively. I feel like until I do it I wont know what to expect. I just hope the audience does not fall asleep while my show is going on.

Finial Radio

WOW! there are so many things I loved about this radio show. First the people that I worked with were amazing. The radio show itself was challenging but something happened and I cannot really explain it, that changed me. The Audio assignments the week before helped out, but nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen during that radio show. I truly did not understand what I was getting myself into until those two weeks.

First, finding people that you have never met (well I knew one person) and working with them was scary at first. At first, we got together and we met each other in a real world setting. That was kind of scary because you don’t know what your walking into. I think because I knew one person it was more comfortable right away. There were times I felt like it was weird, but eventually being locked in a room together (not really) helped us bond quickly. If I had to give future DS106’ers advice, it would be to get to know your classmates sooner.

Once we started the project it became overwhelming because we were creating an amazing but not practical story. No one could create lines for it, but then Abigail slapped some sense into us and we simplified everything which then made it easier to create a story. Once I got to know everyone (people I never met) I wanted to be around them longer for no reason, they were so fun and interesting.

The challenges of a radio show are epic, first getting the sound down was a challenge because we did not have lines. I believe we finally had our lines the day before we created them and that was the day before it was due. Once we had lines (which we worked on all day literally) we had to splice them together which was hard. It took me hours to edit the material we had and create sounds that would fit the scene, I honestly had no idea what I was doing but I was willing to do anything it took to get it done.

I think the easiest thing was working with the group, ideas were flowing out of us, but we needed direction which was easy once we had it. The hardest part was editing, but if I had to do it now this show would take a day at most and only an hour at most of editing because a lot of it was figuring out how to do it. I would love to do another show, it would be so much easier at this point, the only hard part would be the idea for the show and the lines and I would do things as I go since we waited until something was finished.

This radio show was one of the best experiences I have been a part of and I don’t know how it happened but there was magic in it for me. It was exciting to dive into the unknown and work on something that you did not know if it was going to work or not.

Radio Listen

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of listening to “Get a Clue” and it had a lot of great lines in it which meant the writing for the show was amazing. The idea to have 5 different stories about the same event was great. Each view point was different and it made the story interesting. They did a job well done.

Listening to the show in real time and tweeting about it was fun. Any time a character said something that was unique or there were sounds that I liked, I tweeted about it. To hear some of the classrooms take on their opinions were great also and it sounded like everyone in the show or most were tweeting along. So getting the answer to any questions were instant.

OH Sarah, you make me laugh

This was awesome, I cannot believe the creativity in this class. I would never have thought to do something like this. I think the person who created this was Sarah. I have to say I had to listen to that more than once.

How Fifty Shades became cool

Janelle Pierangelino is a genius, she inspired me to watch this movie with her skit in the back of my mind. I laugh out loud, this was hilarious. I wish I was this creative. I probably will never see the movie but if i ever do I will be laughing so hard thinking about this.

How Steve Rechter Inspired me

This voice mail of Darth Vader made me want to go watch Star wars and see if I can find other characters that would be cool to have funny voicemails. I love anything star wars.